5 star reviews 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

5 star reviews 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed5 star reviews 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed5 star reviews 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Pet Stain and Odor Specialist

Servicing all of Northern Colorado

including  Windsor,  Ft Collins, Greeley,  & more

Meet Bulldog Carpet Cleaning


Residential and Commercial Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services.

With Bulldog Carpet Cleaning you don't have to stress about your pets or children being in contact with nasty  chemicals.   With our available "green" carpet cleaning products,  we offer a safe cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs .  We take the same care of your home as we would our own using top of the line equipment and products.  You can relax knowing you've hired the best with Bulldog Carpet Cleaning, your northern Colorado steam carpet cleaning experts.


Deep steam truck mounted carpet cleaning system

Top of the line equipment gives top of the line results


We specialize in removing pet stains and odors

  • Using our proven 3 step system we are able to remove those  yucky pet issues in almost all cases .
  •  We strive to be the best one stop cleaning solution in Northern Colorado.  Offering carpet, hard floor,  and upholstery cleaning as well as duct and rug cleaning.  
  •  100% satisfaction is always our goal with every customer and our guarantee .
  • Northern Colorado is our home.




The CDC has suggested the first step in helping prevent the spreading of the coronavirus is cleaning.  Bulldog Carpet Cleaning is there to help you with this process.


People seem to be wanting to know whether they should be concerned about coronavirus on carpets and upholstery and if cleaning them  prevents you from getting the coronavirus?  The short answer to this is “probably not”.   However,  when cleaning your house It’s not as if you can douse your furniture and carpets with hand sanitizer or disinfectant like countertops, doorknobs, and other hard surfaces.  So as you step up your normal cleaning routine to sanitize your home, don’t forget about your fine surfaces, such as upholstery, carpet, and rugs. These surfaces can easily be overlooked.   Let it be clear that we here at Bulldog Carpet Cleaning  make no claim to be able to eliminate the spread of the coronavirus  ( or any virus for that matter).   What we can tell you is that in general the conditions created by professional STEAM carpet cleaning are not hospitable to the infectious lifespan of viruses period.  The temperature required to kill viruses outside the body is about 60°C. During steam cleaning, the temperatures get a lot hotter than that – at least 66°C and sometimes well over boiling point – that’s how you get steam, of course!  This means that giving your carpets a good steam cleaning could in fact help eliminate any active virus spores lingering in them.